Server Description

Chronicles Interlude
Platform L2J
Server time GMT -3
Server No Custom Armor/Weapon
Auto loot (except Raid and Epic Boss)
Auto learn skills
1st, 2nd, 3rd job free
Subclass Free
Nobless Quest and party last hit barakiel
Offline shop .offline
Skill Anti-buff
Autofarm system .autofarm (2 box per PC)
Limited access 4 client per PC.
One clan per alliance
ACP system .acp
Kamaloka system one entry every 24 hours
Upgrad Ring Of Core and Earring Of Orfen
Custom NPCs in Town of Giran


EXP/SP 80x
Adena 20x
Drop Itens 1x
Spoil 1x
Weight Limit 7x

Farm Zone

Varkas Silenos Drop and Spoil
Spoot 1x
Spoot 2x
Spoot 4x (Chaotic Zone)

VIP System

Exp/Sp 2x
Spoil chance 2x
Drop Amount 2x (except Raid and Epic Boss)
Adena 2x


Npc FULL Buff
Time 2 hours
Max. Buff Slots 24+4 divine inspiration
Cancellation Buffs come back after 20 seconds


D-Grade ~ B-Grade per adena
A-Grade material farm + adena
S-Grade Custom Craft a Warsmith dwarf is required.


Safe Enchant +3 (Fullarmor +4)
Max. Enchant +15
Normal Scroll chance 40%
Blessed Scroll chance 40%


TvT Event 10:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 23:00
Barakiel last hit

Grand Olympiad

Period 15 days
Start 20:00 ~ 23:55
Registration to start 6

Raid Boss

All Raid bosses respawn time 24 hrs.
All NPC Manager Raid Bosses have a higher drop chance.
All NPC Manager Raid Bosses have a chance to level up Soul Crystals from 12 to 13.
Chaotic Zone on all NPC Manager Bosses

Epic Boss

Valakas Every Sunday at 19:00
Antharas Every Saturday at 21:00
Baium (80 lvl) Every Friday at 22:00
Frintezza Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00
Zaken (80 lvl)(open door) Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:00
Queen Ant (80 lvl) Every day at 20:00
Core (80 lvl) Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00
Orfen (80 lvl) Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 19:00


Siege 15 Days
Castle Active Giran/Aden/Rune
Bonus stats, for castle members

Augment Skill

NG 1%, Mid 3%,
High 5%, Top 5%